Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cranberry Delight

A scented night of cranberry delight
I first saw the ocean of life
Sailed with the breeze over the calm waves
Images of breast-shaped tides, navel and curves.
Eyes wide open, I submerge
Among psychedelic colours and weeds,
I find you hidden away in a coral cave.
Oh, woman of the night, for you I crave!

Way down in the sandy blue depths
A faint beam of sunlight caresses a blade of leaf
Waking it up from days of neglect
The submarine weed now stands erect!
The windows break open
A haze of pink tender lips and glazing fingernails
Black cascade of hair, sweaty bodies blend,
Moments later, I lay spent..

Dreamy eyed smiles and soft candlelight
On that night of cranberry delight
I was a river gushing from a mountain spring!

I wrote this poem while locked up in a room in Pune (the bassist of the band had invited all of us to his house to compose music during the summer and he locked people up in a room while he was away working  because he didn't trust us with his house. :|

  kanika said...
Never got round to telling you when you mailed it long back but this is one of the most subtle and beautiful poems I have read :)
3:30 PM
  Vishnu said...
Thank you :)

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Abhishek Kumar said...

delightfully interesting!