Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Saturday, July 15, 2006

A sun-tanned face, blistered heels,
This little girl, her insides bleed
A tear stained face, writhed in pain
Pressed against the cold window pane.

Staring across at the overcast skies
Remembering silken words of blatant lies
A promise of love, a promise of life
Tomorrow she'd be sold to grief and strife.

Prison walls spring up from the moist earth
Wring out the last strains of childish mirth
The world outside shuts a thousand eyes,
While she to a man's will complies.

A few hundred nights of solitude past
A pang of desire pricked her heart
To let not her life go unwitnessed
Which with love nor hate she had led.

The wrinkles in her heart must be undone
In all her dreams she saw her son
A smile on his lips, kissed her brows
While half her bed lay at the whorehouse..

Pradip Somasundaran said...
Vishnu, please add some pieces that you have played on the piano, and see me filling your blog with music lovers all over the world!Let your blog be full of life and activity!
11:09 AM

 Meesum said...
keep it up and write more often.
10:55 PM
Vinitha said...
AMAZING poem !!!
y dont u write more often??
even ur blog is not updated...
and yea...u'll only be write songs in here???
methinks u shud make a 'general' blog n write on anything n everything...i'm sure u've quite a LOT to say...hehe ;)
7:32 PM
basit said...
now this is a poem....
these days all i do is blog hunt to have something to read...
this is amazing... just great...
makes me feel bad that i call myself a poet...
absolutely amazing

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