Wednesday, February 6, 2008


In the cold dark corner
Comfort, is not what I seek
All alone with my thoughts
And cobwebs of memories
In the shadows today,
I choose to remain.
Is it okay,
If I shine tomorrow?
I try to cry
in vain
rest my troubled head
On the cold window pane
My turmoil today,
I choose not to explain.
Is it okay,
If I cry tomorrow?
This shell around me
I ache to shatter
I suffocate
But does it even matter?
The strength today,
I do not have.
Is it okay,
If i break tomorrow?
To forgive myself
Is what I pray to learn
Else, though I'm frozen now
Tomorrow I might burn
Death today,
Is what I yearn.
Is it okay,
If I'm reborn tomorrow?


(This was not written by me, but by a friend. I loved the cold window pane, pain analogy and have employed that in my poem, "sold".)

I have composed music for this song and I really like it. I will record it soon and will put it up on my soundclick profile soon :

1 comment:

Fubar.Avenger said...

Amazing poem, really.

But if we look into the core concept of asking forgiveness/permission from something other than the self, is flawed ?

The poem itself is brilliant, but just thought we could have a nice argument on this topic.