Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Into my ears the sweet music crept,
The sad song of a mermaid who wept.
She stood by the sea in solitude
Grieved by the sight of man's servitude.

Outlined against the scarlet sky
Was her overt body and her eye,
I fell in love but in former time,
Love, sweet love was held a crime.

A pearl of tear fell on the sand
As she bid farewell to my land,
Back to the sea glided the mermaid,
And came to an end the sweet Serenade.

-Vishnu (2000 AD)

Comments: (I really love it when people like what I write, since that signals hope that I will someday be able to communicate about certain ideas to fellow human beings.. most of who would ridicule them at the moment. My writings will become more "erratic" as time goes on, that I'm sure of.)

Meesum said...

awe struck i stand here...
wonderful !

rahul jain said...


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