Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Deja Vous

I lie down on the grass,
Gaze up at the sky.
A little white cloud drifts gently
Across the frame of my glass, now blue again.

Today was a day of deja vous,
I flipped tracks on the CD player,
The songs changed but I heard nothing new,
Memories of the future linger on!

The piano stands still in a corner of the room
A witness, not a silent one
To the rantings of an aching soul, her son
She shows him a path through the wall.

Big black clouds stain the glass,
But these are the clouds of certainty.
Drops of water fall,
Washing off the stain, the pain..

-Vishnu (2005 AD)

  This was something I wrote in my second year (in IIT, sitting in a man-made park, IIT's full of them) but I didn't like it very much. I composed music for the song which I liked better than the lyrics. I don't like songs without good lyrics. Hence this stands discarded.

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